Fulton County Judge To Announce Ruling On Fani Willis Disqualification Case Tomorrow

Judge Scott McAfee anticipates releasing his long-awaited ruling on the attempt to disqualify Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis on Friday.

In an interview with ABC affiliate WSB on Thursday evening, McAfee emphasized the significance of keeping his promise to everyone. He acknowledged that crafting such orders takes time, and he wants to ensure that he expresses his thoughts precisely. McAfee is determined to adhere to the timeline he provided.

“He continued, stating that it should be out tomorrow.”

The lawyers representing multiple defendants have been advocating for the removal of Willis from the case involving Georgia election interference, which includes former President Donald Trump and 18 others.

McAfee is currently considering motions to disqualify Willis, mainly based on allegations made by Michael Roman, a co-defendant of Trump, represented by Ashley Merchant. Roman claims that Willis received financial benefits from a “personal, romantic relationship” with Nathan Wade, whom she hired for the case. Roman alleges that Wade used money paid by Fulton County taxpayers, authorized solely by Willis, to finance extravagant vacations around the world.


In the midst of an election for a full four-year term on the bench, McAfee has denied any involvement of politics in his ruling, as Friday’s ruling emerges.

According to McAfee, his rulings will never be influenced by politics. He emphasizes that he will always adhere to the law to the best of his understanding.

Willis has strongly denied any accusations of misconduct. In a recent filing, she has urged the judge to dismiss the motion to disqualify her, stating that the defendants have not provided any evidence of an actual conflict of interest, which is necessary to disqualify an elected district attorney.

During a Thursday night interview, a reporter inquired about the judge’s ability to effectively handle both his re-election campaign and the high-profile case he is currently presiding over, which has garnered significant attention nationwide.

“I simply concentrate on the task at hand. I am immensely appreciative of the past year during which I have had the opportunity to fulfill this role. I accepted this position not with the intention of gaining political advantage or seeking attention. Rather, my motivation stems from my passion for the law, ensuring individuals have their fair chance in court, and promoting efficiency,” he expressed.

Trump, along with 18 others, entered a plea of not guilty in August of last year, in response to a comprehensive racketeering indictment. The charges were related to their alleged attempts to overturn the outcome of the 2020 presidential election in Georgia. However, some of the defendants, including Kenneth Chesebro, Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis, and Scott Hall, later opted for plea deals. In exchange for their cooperation, they agreed to provide testimony against the remaining defendants.

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