George Conway Praises Jury And Describes Trump As A ‘disturbed’ Sadist

Aiexpress – In a recent interview, George Conway, a conservative lawyer and long-time critic of Donald Trump, finally expressed his thoughts regarding the former president’s recent legal troubles. Donald Trump was ordered to pay an enormous sum of $83.3 million in defamation damages in a lawsuit filed by writer E. Jean Carroll.

During an interview with CNN’s The Source, news host Kaitlan Collins asked Conway if he believes Trump will finally stop attacking Carroll. In response, Conway stated, “Maybe for a few hours. Maybe for a few days. We’ve seen it before. We’ve seen him say and do outrageous things… And then all of a sudden he’d tamp it down for a few hours.”

Kellyanne Conway expressed her concern over the tendency of many individuals to politicize certain issues. She highlighted the fact that some people support a particular individual, regardless of their actions or behavior, simply because they have done so in the past or for other reasons. She emphasized the need to acknowledge the true character of individuals, rather than pretending they are someone they are not.

According to Conway, there are individuals who back him, but she believes that some of them are “ignoramuses.” However, she also acknowledges that many higher-ups within his political party are well aware of who he truly is. Behind closed doors, they discuss his true character.

Conway expressed that he had a strong emotional response to the verdict reached by the jury.


“It’s not just about determining what is right or wrong; it’s also about distinguishing between truth and lies and seeking justice in the face of injustice,” he passionately expressed.

According to Collins, the story revolves around nine ordinary individuals from New York who, by chance, come together to deliver justice to a former President of the United States.

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