Governor urges action on climate change, homelessness, and abortion access

In his address to a joint session of the Legislature, Washington Governor Jay Inslee passionately defended his record and called for further action.

He emphasized the importance of preserving a woman’s right to choose, enhancing public safety, minimizing pollution, and addressing the issue of homelessness. Governor Inslee urged the Legislature to continue on this path, highlighting the significance of these issues for the well-being of the state.

Inslee assured his audience that he will not let up in his last term by “running through the tape,” drawing inspiration from his father’s coaching days in track.

In his annual State of the State address at the opening of this year’s Legislature on January 9, Inslee highlighted the state’s accomplishments in various areas. However, Republican leaders have expressed concerns about the Democratic agenda regarding abortion rights, climate change, and police legislation.

“I’m not sure if anyone had the opportunity to hear my comments yesterday during the first day of the session, but they present a completely different perspective from what Governor Inslee tried to convey today,” remarked Drew Stokesbary, the House Republican Leader from Auburn.


“It’s understandable – it’s his track record that is being scrutinized, and I must say it’s not a particularly impressive one… He claimed that the state of our state is better than ever, but I believe the statistics clearly contradict that statement.”

Although the Climate Commitment Act (CCA) faced objections from Republicans due to what they perceive as an unnecessary hike in gasoline tax, Governor Inslee lauded the legislation that was successfully passed in 2021. The act managed to generate a significant sum of $1.8 billion in 2023.

Inslee emphasized that this revenue would be reinvested in the well-being of Washingtonians, including a $200 utility bill credit for one in every three households in the state. Additionally, the funds will support households looking to adopt energy-efficient alternatives, as well as the development of hybrid-electric ferries and electric buses.

According to him, the act has resulted in the creation of employment opportunities, like the Pacific Northwest Hydrogen Hub, which has the potential to generate around 1,000 jobs. The establishment of this hub is a significant step towards the nationwide initiative of producing hydrogen on a large scale as an environmentally friendly energy source.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee expressed his strong commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. He emphasized that any delay in taking action would be a betrayal to future generations. Inslee highlighted the urgency of the situation, stating that the state is currently at a critical juncture between promise and peril.

Inslee has also proposed a plan to increase the pay of 32,000 parent educators by $3 per hour. Additionally, he aims to allocate more resources towards supporting special needs students and will continue his efforts to assist the homeless population.

Washington residents can witness the disappearance of numerous encampments along our highways, and it is crucial for them to understand that this positive change will continue only with further investments.

Governor Inslee emphasizes the need for additional funding to ensure the ongoing success of these efforts. Moreover, he assures the public that they can expect the construction of thousands of new housing units, further addressing the issue of homelessness in the state.

In this legislative session, Inslee and other Democratic leaders have placed a strong emphasis on affordable housing. One particular bill, HB 2160, sponsored by Rep. Julia Reed, D-Seattle, seeks to construct affordable housing in proximity to public transportation.

Addressing homelessness has become an issue that both political parties can agree on, although bills like HB 2160 have faced challenges in garnering support from both sides of the aisle.

Governor Inslee also highlighted one of his proud accomplishments, which is the passing of legislation banning assault rifles in previous sessions. He further emphasized the need for a budget that allocates resources to hire more police officers. It is worth noting that there is bipartisan support for this initiative, aiming to bolster law enforcement personnel.

According to Inslee, there are two significant threats facing the United States and Washington State. These threats include the fundamental principles and benefits of democracy, as well as the continuous attack on a woman’s right to choose.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee expressed his concern over the Supreme Court’s decision and emphasized the importance of taking action. He stressed that it is crucial for Washington to join the eight other states in protecting reproductive freedom. Inslee further emphasized the need to enshrine this fundamental right into the constitution within this year.

In response, Senator Nikki Torres, a Republican from Pasco, expressed her disagreement with certain aspects of Governor Inslee’s objectives.

According to Torres, the state has become less safe, less affordable, and is failing children in numerous ways under one-party rule in Olympia. The GOP has prioritized public safety, the cost of living, and youth resources as key areas in its legislative agenda for the session.

Stokesbary responded to Inslee’s mention of codifying abortion rights by stating that he considers the legislation unnecessary.

According to Stokesbary, there is no immediate danger to abortion rights in Washington. He assures that there are no members in his caucus who are interested in proposing bills that would limit a woman’s right to choose, and he doesn’t anticipate this changing. Stokesbary firmly believes that unless someone can provide evidence of a threat to these rights, any attempts to curtail them would be pointless.

In response to Inslee’s suggestion of providing additional training for police officers, Stokesbary shared his perspective.

“We must engage in a more extensive dialogue regarding our treatment of police officers and the legislature’s approach to public safety matters,” expressed Stokesbary. “That’s why members of our caucus up here are in favor of revising the police pursuit law and certain other regulations that have been implemented in recent years.

Our intention is to enhance the appeal of a career in law enforcement and ensure that the commendable officers are not unjustly portrayed as villains.” The WNPA Foundation operates the Washington State Journal, a non-profit news website. Visit to find out more.

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