Grieving family says grandfather, who ‘always wanted peace,’ was shot dead on NYC subway while trying to break up a dispute

Jakeba Dockery, his wife, expressed her sentiments to The Post on Monday, stating, “He’s a good man, and he certainly didn’t deserve what happened.”

Family members came together at the Brooklyn residence of Henderson’s in-laws, sharing stories about the loving father of three and grandfather of two young girls. They described him as a selfless individual who had a deep passion for assisting others and prioritized his family above all else.

According to The Post, Jermaine Henderson, the older brother of the victim, described his sibling as someone who would do anything to help others, even if it meant giving them the shirt off his back.

“He died while assisting someone,” Jermaine recalled. “That’s just the kind of person he was – always stepping in, always striving for peace.”

Jermaine expressed his admiration for the deceased, emphasizing that helping others was a lifelong commitment for him. He further added that the sudden loss was bewildering, as the individual was en route to reunite with his loved ones.


According to his family, Richard was a devoted supporter of the Philadelphia Eagles. Despite the fact that his team wasn’t scheduled to play until Monday night, he was eager to watch an exciting game with his friends.

Anthony Williams claims that he was with Henderson as they were heading back from a friend’s place, where they had watched the Green Bay Packers defeat the Dallas Cowboys. Williams asserts that he was by Henderson’s side when the unfortunate incident of the shooting occurred.

“We didn’t do anything to that man,” Williams told The Post, referring to the shooter. “We didn’t say anything.”

According to his family, Henderson had been employed as a crossing guard at a private school in Chelsea for over ten years.

According to kin, the job was a perfect match for his helpful and caring personality.

According to Richard Jr., the 25-year-old son of the late individual, his father’s primary concern was the well-being of those around him. He was committed to ensuring that there were no conflicts or issues that could potentially disrupt the peace.

According to his son, the late individual was known for his peaceful nature. He was never involved in any conflicts or disputes with others. Unfortunately, he lost his life while attempting to promote peace among people.

Tears welled up in Richard Jr.’s eyes as he came across The Post’s story, featuring a photograph of him and his parents celebrating his graduation from school.

“It’s hard to believe that this is real,” he shared. “We’re all feeling numb and trying to process what has happened.”

Jermaine emphasized, “My brother exemplified goodness; he prioritized family above all else.”

According to police sources, Henderson had reportedly attempted to diffuse a dispute between two other commuters on the subway regarding the loudness of the music.

Authorities have not made any arrests at this time.

Students and associates of the Avenues The World School, where Henderson worked as a crossing guard, have recently initiated a GoFundMe campaign to support their beloved employee.

In the description of the verified fundraising campaign page, they praised Richard for his selflessness and dedication, describing his life as a mosaic of these qualities. They highlighted his role as a crossing guard, which spanned over a decade, and emphasized how it reflected his innate desire to protect and care for others.

In just four hours of being online, the GoFundMe campaign managed to raise over $12,000 for Henderson’s family. As former and current students shared their memories, the comments overflowed with heartfelt tributes to the beloved crossing guard, describing him as easygoing and having the biggest, most beautiful heart.

According to a neighbor who spoke to The Post, Henderson was described as a “good guy” who unfortunately met a tragic end. The neighbor mentioned that Henderson’s wife was at the hospital and had been with the medical examiner throughout the night. The neighbor also emphasized that the Hendersons were known as a good family, filled with good-hearted individuals. It is truly a devastating situation.

Williams, Henderson’s friend, was filled with anger on Monday afternoon.

“He was one of my closest friends,” he expressed. “We were simply going about our day, not causing any trouble or engaging in any criminal activity. We hadn’t been involved in any shootings or crimes whatsoever. We were just minding our own business when an unpredictable individual boarded the train and decided to confront us for no apparent reason.”

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