Harris claims to be the most conservative candidate in the AL-2 race

Name: Hampton Harris
Party: Republican
City of residence: Lowndesboro
Age: 27
Occupation: Attorney, real estate brokerage owner
Previous elected offices or applicable experience: Former president of Cumberland Republicans, Christian Legal Society.
Education: Bachelor’s degree from Auburn University Montgomery, law degree from Cumberland School of Law.
Why should district residents vote for you on March 5: “I am the most conservative person in this race, and I have the youth and the passion to get it done, and also the knowledge of what needs to be done.”

Cutting taxes and regulations, improving resources for veterans, and supporting pro-life policies are the three main platforms that Hampton Harris is focusing on in his campaign to represent Alabama’s recently redrawn Second Congressional District. These platforms, according to Harris, position him as the most conservative candidate in the race.

Harris, a resident of Lowndesboro near the state capital, Montgomery, is deeply committed to serving his community. Coming from a family with a strong military background, with both grandfathers being U.S. military veterans, and his wife currently serving in the U.S. Air Force, Harris has a personal connection to the veteran community. He believes in the importance of enhancing the resources and support available to veterans, making it one of his key legislative goals. In addition to his real estate brokerage, Harris dedicates his time and efforts to improving the quality of life for veterans.

“I have a strong passion for supporting veterans, and it’s evident that many veterans in this district are in need of assistance,” expressed Harris to Alabama Daily News.

“The military’s prioritization of political correctness and the government’s neglect of veterans in favor of advancing their own agendas pose significant challenges that need to be addressed. It is imperative that we rectify these issues in order to ensure the effective defense of our country.”

If Harris is elected, he intends to prioritize the allocation of VA funds in a way that benefits veterans in Alabama’s Second Congressional District and nationwide. Harris plans to increase and redirect the existing VA spending to enhance the support provided to veterans. While the funding for veterans’ out-of-state travel for abortions only represents a small portion of the overall VA budget, Harris aims to reallocate these funds towards other resources that can better serve veterans.


“It’s extremely difficult to secure appointments within the VA healthcare system, leaving many of our veterans in need of urgent care waiting for weeks, or even months, to be seen. Allocating funds more effectively and prioritizing the needs of our service men and women over political agendas could significantly improve this situation.”

Harris expressed his desire to substantially reduce government regulations, specifically those imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency. He argued that these regulations have contributed to higher fuel and food prices nationwide.

As a business owner himself, Harris made it a priority to cut taxes on small businesses. He believed that this would help alleviate a significant obstacle faced by small business owners.

According to him, small businesses face numerous tax burdens, including federal taxes, self-employment taxes, and state taxes. Cutting down on these taxes would be a significant challenge for small business owners.

“And let’s not forget about the detrimental impact of printing money and sending it abroad on the skyrocketing inflation. This is severely hurting our small businesses. To alleviate this, we need to prioritize reducing our budget and restoring balance. This would significantly benefit small businesses across the nation by strengthening the value of the dollar and enabling them to adequately compensate their employees.”

Harris proudly asserts himself as the most conservative candidate in the race. He emphasizes his stance on abortion, firmly stating that the battle is ongoing despite the ruling on Roe v. Wade, which revoked the federally protected right to undergo an abortion. According to Harris, this fight is far from over.

“We need to take a stand because life begins at conception, so I am fully in favor of implementing a nationwide abortion ban,” he asserted. “Life begins at conception, and as soon as conception occurs, that’s when life begins, and that’s the point at which I would enforce the ban.”

Although Harris resides just outside of District 2, he emphasized the significance of his upbringing in Montgomery, which falls within the district. Additionally, his business is also located in Montgomery, further cementing his strong ties to the city. These connections provide him with a deep sense of investment in the district.

“I’m at my business in Montgomery every day, working on my own business as well as my parents’. It’s a family affair, with businesses on both sides that keep us busy in Montgomery,” he explained.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work in various parts of the state, including Mobile, with my real estate ventures. This has given me valuable insights into the challenges faced by people in this district. As someone who grew up here, I have a deep connection and a strong sense of responsibility towards this community. Therefore, I am deeply passionate about addressing the issues that affect this district.”

Harris distinguishes himself from his opponents by highlighting his youth, career achievements, and personal understanding of the challenges faced by veterans.

“I believe my youthfulness and conservative values make me stand out from the rest,” he remarked.

“I may be young, but I have already achieved a great deal in my relatively short adult life. I have successfully launched a brokerage and pursued a career as an attorney, which undoubtedly sets me apart from others. Additionally, being a military spouse adds another layer of uniqueness to my experiences. Unlike many of the candidates running, I am not part of the establishment. These factors make me stand out from the rest.”

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