Indiana crash involves two school buses en route to circus

On Friday, two school buses heading to the circus were caught up in a multi-vehicle accident in Indiana.

According to a media release by the Indiana State Patrol, two school buses from Mississinewa Community Schools were involved in a crash around 10:05 a.m. while on their way to the Shrine Circus.

A group of 4th and 5th-grade students were being transported by two buses.

The roadway that was damaged by the train derailment in Darke County has finally reopened, although the opening was initially delayed.

A secondary crash occurred simultaneously and in the same location, involving a patrol car from the Grant County Sheriff’s Department and a passenger car.


The patrol car acted as an escort, following closely behind the buses.

Out of the 65 individuals on the school buses, only one child experienced minor injuries, while no other injuries were reported.

Indiana State Police expressed their gratitude towards the emergency room staff at a nearby hospital for providing bagged lunches, bottled drinks, and snacks to the students who were going home on the bus.

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