Inmate’s death leads to 30-year prison sentence for woman convicted of smuggling fentanyl into El Paso County jail

A woman from Colorado Springs could be sentenced to almost thirty years in prison after she was found guilty of distributing fentanyl to another inmate at the county jail, which unfortunately led to the death of the recipient.

Katariina Gibson, a 28-year-old woman, received a 28-year prison sentence for the crime of causing death through the unlawful distribution of drugs. Additionally, she was given an additional 18-month sentence for introducing contraband.

Sheriff Joe Roybal expressed his hopes that the sentencing of Gibson would serve as a strong warning to anyone considering smuggling drugs into the El Paso County Jail. He made this statement on Monday, emphasizing the seriousness of the offense.

In November, Gibson was pronounced guilty in what the sheriff’s office referred to as a “landmark verdict.” Consequently, she received the maximum sentence for both charges.

Roybal’s statement emphasized the accountability of those who choose to bypass the drug amnesty program and smuggle illegal drugs and contraband into the facility. The statement also expressed gratitude towards the dedicated staff who tirelessly investigate crimes against the community, both within the jail and on the streets. Furthermore, District Attorney Michael Allen was acknowledged for his partnership and unwavering commitment to ensuring that criminals are held responsible and that victims are provided with the justice they deserve within the 4th Judicial District of Colorado.


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