Israel Logan Receives Sentence For Drug And Weapon Offenses In Maryland

Aiexpress – Israel Herman Logan, aged 26, has been sentenced to a minimum of 12 years in prison. He pleaded guilty to multiple drug offenses and will serve the first 10 years of his sentence without the possibility of parole.

In May of last year, officials state that members of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office conducted a search at an apartment located in the 5200 block of Locust Drive in Frederick. During that time, Logan resided in the apartment with Melany Marchan.

As part of the investigation into Logan’s drug dealing, law enforcement officials conducted a search and seizure operation. During this operation, they were able to recover three handguns and a total of 195 tablets. Further analysis revealed that the tablets were, in fact, fentanyl, a powerful and illicit substance. In addition to these items, the investigators also discovered other illegal goods during the search.

Officials noted that Logan was not allowed to own firearms because of a prior conviction for second-degree assault.

Prosecutors stated that detectives were able to acquire a search warrant in order to examine Logan’s cellphone, which had already been confiscated. During their investigation, they discovered a video that depicted Logan standing in front of a mirror while counting a significant sum of money. In the video, there were two handguns positioned in front of him.


“Later in the video (Logan) pulled out a third handgun from his pocket.”

Authorities also confiscated a sum of $7,448.95.

Logan, who was in a relationship with Marchun, instructed her to purchase Glock handguns for him during a video call while he was behind bars, according to prosecutors.

According to the statement, Logan asked Marchun to purchase firearms on his behalf since Logan was aware that he couldn’t do so himself due to his prior felony conviction. The records revealed that Marchun subsequently bought two Glock handguns in West Virginia.

During the search warrant at 5203 Black Locust Drive, law enforcement officials recovered two Glock handguns.

Logan admitted guilt to possessing fentanyl with the intention to distribute it. Additionally, he was charged with two counts of illegally possessing firearms and conspiring to participate in a firearm straw purchase. In a separate case, Logan entered an Alford Plea for another count of illegally possessing a firearm.

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