Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Approves Rafah Military Ground Operation

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given his approval for the country’s military to commence a ground operation in the southern city of Rafah in Gaza.

Netanyahu confirmed on Friday that the Israel Defense Forces are currently making preparations for both the operational aspect and the evacuation of the population in Rafah. This decision comes despite the pressure from U.S. President Joe Biden to exercise restraint.

In a recent statement, President Biden emphasized that an Israeli military operation in Gaza’s southernmost city would be crossing a “red line.” He urged Israel to prioritize the protection of civilian lives before considering any offensive actions.

Rafah, a city with a usual population of approximately 172,000 people, is now seeing an influx of individuals from other parts of the Palestinian enclave. This surge in population is a result of the IDF’s operations in response to the devastating attack by Hamas in October 2023, which claimed the lives of more than 1,110 people.

According to reports, a significant number of individuals are still being held captive in Gaza by the militant group. It is believed that approximately 1 million people currently reside in Rafah.


Gaza is the residence of approximately 2.3 million people.

On Friday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli war cabinet rejected the recent cease-fire proposal presented by Hamas, deeming it “unrealistic.”

Israeli military forces recently targeted the tallest residential tower in Rafah, resulting in extensive damage to the 14-story building.

According to the IDF, the Al-Masry Tower was being utilized by Hamas militants. The IDF stated that they specifically targeted this military asset.

During an interview with Axel Spring last week, the Israeli Prime Minister revealed that he has received support from various Arab countries. However, he chose not to disclose their names.

On Saturday, he mentioned that they not only understand but also silently agree with the fact that Hamas is a component of the Iranian terror axis.

According to the Palestinian Health Authority, the Israeli military operation in Gaza has resulted in the deaths of over 31,000 Palestinians and more than 73,300 injuries.

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