Jazz club in Williamsburg, still thriving after 40 years, maintains its soul and African American ownership

A unique jazz club in Williamsburg, which is owned by a Black entrepreneur, has been delighting the local community for over four decades with its exceptional music. Gary Eastman, the proud owner of the Williamsburg Music Center situated on Bedford Avenue, shares with News 12 that he personally constructed this establishment from scratch, making it a truly one-of-a-kind venue.

According to Eastman, this place has a rich history of housing some of the most renowned Black artists in the world. He emphasizes that visitors can witness the absolute best talent showcased at this venue.

Visitors will discover a performance space filled with rhythm, jazz, and history inside the building that has been constructed over the past four decades. His living room has been transformed into this captivating area.

In the 1970s, Eastman arrived in Brooklyn from upstate New York with a clear purpose in mind: to establish a nonprofit organization dedicated to nurturing young Black talent.

As soon as you enter WMC, you leave behind the bustling sounds of the city and find yourself in a serene haven of music. Eastman affirms that his establishment is not just any ordinary place, but a fully-equipped television recording studio.


Eastman says that what he provides is a venue where young artists can perform without the hassle of bringing their amplifiers, drums, pianos, and other equipment.

As an artist and a Black man, Eastman finds it incredibly rewarding to be involved in every aspect of creating his own space, from setting up the stage to laying the floor.

The Williamsburg Music Center hosts live performances every Friday and Saturday nights.

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