Judge In Donald Trump’s Civil Fraud Case Was Sent Envelope With White Powder, Source Says

Aiexpress – State Judge Arthur Engoron, who ruled against former President Donald Trump in his civil fraud trial for $355 million, received an envelope containing white powder on Wednesday, causing an emergency response at his New York City courthouse, according to a source with direct knowledge of the incident.

Engoron and his staff were not exposed to the chemical; his mail is scanned every day and stopped before it reaches him, according to the source. According to New York police, as a court official opened the mail, powder came out, exposing him and another court employee to the material. The fire brigade stated that the two declined medical attention. The threatening letter was first reported by ABC News.

Engoron has faced numerous threats in the past. Long Island police reacted to a bomb threat at his house last month, just hours before final arguments in the Trump trial were set to begin.

After the trial began last year, officials stated in a court statement that Engoron and his law clerk had received a “deluge” of threats after Trump frequently insulted them on social media, many of which law enforcement officials considered “credible.”

The threats prompted court officials to collaborate with “the FBI and Homeland Security to devise the appropriate security measures that would be implemented in order to protect the judge, his chambers staff, and those closely associated with him, including his family,” according to the lawsuit filing.


Trump’s attorneys have stated that he is not liable for the acts of his followers.

Engoron ordered that Trump and his corporation pay more than $350 million in the dispute this month, which increased to more than $464 million, including pre-judgment interest.

Envelopes containing powdered substances were previously delivered to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office, which is pursuing Trump on accusations of falsifying company records.

Donald Trump Jr. received a letter containing a death threat and white powder at his Florida home on Monday.

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