Kansas Legislature Seek To Impose Limitations On Land Purchases By Foreign Powers

Kansas lawmakers are currently considering measures to prohibit the purchase of land by foreign corporations.

HB 2766 seeks to prevent companies from China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela, which are “domiciled or controlled by” these countries, from acquiring or renting land within a 150-mile radius of any U.S. military base.

The House Committee on Commerce, Labor, and Economic Development has scheduled a hearing for 1:30 p.m. on March 4 to discuss the Kansas Land and Military Installation Protection Act.

The bill was introduced by Rep. Chris Croft (R) of Overland Park, the House Majority Leader. We obtained a copy of his written proponent testimony for the hearing.

According to Croft’s testimony, the bill was crafted with the valuable input of national security professionals and aims to strengthen our national security.


“It is clear that we are facing a new type of threat in the People’s Republic of China, which is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The CCP has the goal of global dominance and usurping the United States as the world’s premier military and economic power.” Rep. Chris Croft statement on HB 2766

According to Croft, the bill would make Kansas the latest state to join the 15 others that have implemented comparable legislation. It is worth noting that the bill does contain an exemption for land ownership by lawful permanent residents.

Croft emphasized that the legislation does not aim to undermine the rights of immigrants. Instead, it seeks to safeguard the American Dream for legal immigrants and dissidents escaping oppressive regimes.

According to Croft’s testimony, the state legislature must take action in response to the threat posed by foreign adversaries.

According to Croft, countering China will be the defining conflict of the 21st Century, akin to the Cold War. This challenge will persist for generations to come, posing a long-term problem for our nation.

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