Kelly Murphy of Bucks County finds solace and triumphs over addiction through art and her business, Shameless Soles.

A woman from Bucks County, Pennsylvania is sharing her story of overcoming addiction and how art played a crucial role in her recovery journey. Through the power of brush strokes, she found a lifeline that helped her turn her life around.

“I paint to keep myself out of my head,” expressed Kelly Murphy, the visionary behind Shameless Soles.

In her journey to overcome an opioid addiction, Murphy discovered a hidden talent for drawing, completely surprising herself. She is a self-taught custom shoe painter who never thought she had any artistic abilities until she picked up a pen and started sketching.

Murphy confessed that he struggled with addiction and spent a total of 14 years in and out of treatment centers, but unfortunately, he couldn’t break free from his addiction.

According to her, a friend recommended painting as a hobby, and once she gave it a try, she became completely hooked.


Art became her addiction, but it was a healthy one that eventually transformed into a business she now refers to as Shameless Soles.

“I was driven by a simple desire for something more in life,” Murphy stated. “At the time, I couldn’t fully comprehend what that entailed, but it was a matter of survival for me.”

She meticulously creates her designs by hand, starting with sketching them on canvas or leather sneakers. Then, she skillfully fills in the intricate details using acrylic paint. On average, this entire process takes about five days.

“I pour my passion and dedication into each and every pair,” expressed Murphy wholeheartedly.

In the last two years, Murphy has fulfilled over 200 orders, creating custom kicks that cost around $275 per pair, which includes the purchase of the shoes. Whether it’s color blocking or character designs, Murphy has successfully brought his customers’ visions to life.

“I had a lot of fun creating a pair of shoes inspired by Jason Kelce and the mummers,” she shared enthusiastically.

Murphy finds her motivation not in money, but in the purpose that painting gives her. She believes in the power of finding something you truly love and are passionate about, something that brings you more joy than any material possession ever could. For her, painting is that something, and she encourages others to seek out their own passions and sources of fulfillment in life.

“It’s a challenging battle to confront, but Murphy emphasizes the importance of persevering and getting back up every time you stumble,” Murphy advised.

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