Labor union allocating $200M to support Biden’s reelection campaign

The announcement made on Wednesday revealed that a prominent labor union has allocated a substantial amount of $200 million to support President Biden’s reelection campaign.

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has recently unveiled an ambitious campaign to rally working-class voters of color in key battleground states in support of pro-labor candidates, including Joe Biden. With a membership of approximately 2 million individuals, the SEIU represents workers in various service sectors such as healthcare, property services, and public services. This mobilization effort aims to galvanize support for candidates who champion the rights and interests of the labor force.

SEIU Executive Vice President Rocio Sáenz expressed, “During this election, workers will cast their votes in favor of candidates who truly support their interests. They are eager to endorse leaders like President Biden, who has demonstrated solidarity by standing on the picket line, challenging powerful corporations, and prioritizing the creation of quality, unionized employment opportunities.”

The union has set a goal to connect with 6 million voters of color in the crucial swing states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, and North Carolina. Their objective is to engage with individuals who may be less inclined to vote or have never voted before. To achieve this, they will be implementing field programs, collaborating with local community groups, and undertaking various other initiatives.

The SEIU gave their endorsement to Biden in April of last year, not long after he officially announced his bid for reelection. The union intends to highlight the stark contrast between how the current president has supported workers and how Donald Trump has aligned himself with large corporations, while also attempting to strip healthcare coverage and reproductive rights from millions of people.


The organization highlighted that their previous initiatives in 2022 successfully led to a commendable 27 percent increase in voter turnout among the targeted individuals. Furthermore, the union has also made plans to communicate their message to voters in seven diverse languages, ensuring effective outreach.

“Our demand for a better future is expressed through our votes,” stated April Verrett, Secretary-Treasurer of SEIU. She emphasized that workers took to the picket lines in search of improved pay and better job opportunities, and they will cast their votes with the same motivations in mind.

“We workers from diverse backgrounds understand the significance of this election, and we will channel our determination from the picket lines to the voting booth. We will rally behind candidates who stand with us, and not with corporations that exploit us through exorbitant prices and union-busting tactics,” she emphasized.

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