Large-scale Drug And Weapon Trafficking Operation Shut Down In Far Rockaway

Aiexpress – Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz, together with the New York City Police Department (NYPD), has announced the indictment of five individuals involved in a major drug and gun trafficking operation in Far Rockaway. This development follows an extensive six-month collaborative investigation that utilized undercover operations and phone tracking.

On Wednesday, law enforcement officials carried out search warrants that resulted in the apprehension of five individuals who were indicted, along with four other suspects. As a result of the operation, a total of 10 firearms, including ghost guns, and one kilogram of cocaine were successfully seized. These confiscations are part of a wider initiative aimed at combating serious crimes within the city.

In August 2023, the Queens District Attorney’s Office and the NYPD’s Gun Violence Suppression Division began an investigation. This investigation included 16 undercover purchases, which led to the seizure of drugs valued at approximately $50,000 on the street.

During the investigation, law enforcement authorities directed their attention towards the illegal trade of firearms and narcotics in Far Rockaway. Notably, one of the defendants was apprehended while engaging in the sale of drugs at the Gateway Apartments complex.

Three individuals have been charged with 55 counts in a recent indictment, and the remaining defendants are currently awaiting their arraignment.

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