Magical Christmas moment at KCK Walmart captured in viral video

A lively group of Christian Christmas carolers brought the holiday spirit to a Walmart in Kansas City, Kansas. On Sunday, their joyful singing captivated shoppers and employees, who couldn’t help but stop and listen. Some even joined in, becoming part of the heartwarming musical celebration.

In an instant, this concept transformed into a truly enchanting moment, serving as a beautiful reminder of the true essence and significance of the holiday season.

Rev. Kelly Lohrke from the Cure Church shared his experience, recalling the moment when his wife began singing. He mentioned that initially, a few church members joined her, but soon enough, a crowd gathered, and everyone began singing together.

Esther Lohrke was overwhelmed with joy when she witnessed people coming out of the register. She was so moved by the sight that she couldn’t help but pause for a moment and tears welled up in her eyes. According to her, everyone around her also stopped in awe of the heartwarming scene.

On Sunday, Esther came up with a brilliant plan to spread the joy of Christmas at a KCK Walmart. Her intention was not to benefit herself, but rather to share a glimmer of hope with others.


Esther expressed her desire to engage in something spontaneous yet meaningful.

Esther, her husband, and a group of 60 parishioners gathered at the Walmart near The Legends, filled with the joyful spirit of Christmas. They raised their voices and sang beautiful Christmas carols, spreading the joy and warmth of the season. As they continued to sing, their heartfelt melodies ministered to the hearts of those who listened, touching them with the message of love and hope that Christmas brings.

Kelly expressed her overwhelming emotions upon witnessing the response to the situation. She acknowledged that it was uncertain how people would react, but she was moved to see employees and shoppers alike visibly affected, with some even shedding tears.

Before they knew it, a crowd had gathered, with workers stopping their shifts to witness this incredible and natural moment.

According to Kelly, amidst the chaos and negativity that has been prevalent in the world, it is important to spread peace. She believes that Jesus, being the prince of peace, can bring about a sense of tranquility.

The two individuals aim for the customers at this Walmart to leave with an extra dose of happiness, a sense of serenity, and an overall improved state of being compared to when they first entered the store.

Esther emphasized the importance of being a beacon of light in the world, regardless of one’s location. She encouraged having a positive attitude as a way to positively impact those around you.

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