Man from Colorado apprehended in drop-off line at Trigg Schools

A man from Colorado was taken into custody on Wednesday morning at the Trigg County Schools drop-off area after a school resource officer detected the scent of marijuana emanating from a vehicle.

Cadiz Police Chief Tyler Thomas has reported that a child, who was being dropped off in the car pickup line, was present in a vehicle that emitted a strong odor of marijuana. Upon detecting the scent, the School Resource Officers (SROs), who were assisting with drop off, approached the adults in the vehicle and proceeded to conduct an investigation.

During the investigation, authorities apprehended Paul Allen Hardie, a 51-year-old resident of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Hardie, who was visiting his relatives in Trigg County at the time, was taken into custody. As the vehicle was being searched, law enforcement discovered two firearms in the trunk. It is important to note that both firearms were unloaded and properly secured.

Hardie faces charges for possessing marijuana, which are further escalated due to the presence of a firearm. Additionally, he is also accused of carrying a firearm without the required license.

According to Trigg County Schools Superintendent Bill Thorpe, there was never any danger posed to the students and staff.


Thomas emphasized that the public was not at risk.

Hardie is currently being held in Christian County Jail.

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