Man who went missing for weeks sailing from California arrives safely in Hawaii, according to Coast Guard

On February 6th, the U.S. Coast Guard announced that a man who had been reported missing while sailing from California to Hawaii has arrived safely over the weekend.

Noel Rubio, 60, successfully reached Hawaii on Saturday aboard his vessel Malulani, a 32-foot Westsail sloop. Originally scheduled to arrive in Kaneohe, O’ahu, Hawaii on January 18th, Rubio departed from Long Beach, California on December 28th. While the Coast Guard did not provide further information about his arrival or the cause of the delay, Rubio’s safe arrival marks the completion of his journey.

Last Friday, the Coast Guard initiated an investigation into the disappearance of the Malulani and Rubio. They were alerted to the situation and were informed that Rubio could only be contacted through VHF marine band radio.

According to the Coast Guard, Rubio’s last communication was with a friend via cellphone on December 28 while he was located south of Catalina Island, California. After conducting harbor checks in California, Hawaii, and Mexico, authorities finally received confirmation of Rubio’s arrival on Saturday.

Douglas Samp, a search and rescue mission coordinator at the Coast Guard’s Rescue Coordination Center in Alameda, Calif., expressed deep gratitude for the invaluable weather and route guidance received from the seasoned trans-pacific sailor. In a statement, he emphasized the Coast Guard’s high regard for the expert consult advice provided.


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