Mayor issues executive order for buses to transport migrants to NYC amidst flight chaos

New York City Mayor Eric Adams issued an executive order on Wednesday, mandating that charter bus companies transporting migrants must provide a 32-hour notice prior to their arrival in the city. This decision comes in response to the tumultuous events that unfolded on Tuesday night, triggered by the actions of Texas Governor.

Passengers are now required to arrive within a specific time frame, from 8:30 a.m. to noon, on weekdays. The city has implemented a new policy that restricts drop-offs to one designated location, unless alternative instructions are provided.

If you fail to comply with these regulations, you may face a class B misdemeanor, be subject to fines, lawsuits, and even have your buses impounded.

Adams emphasized the importance of bus operators and companies refraining from supporting Governor Abbott’s actions. The message to them is clear: they should take responsible measures during the designated hours. Adams assured that asylum seekers on the buses will not face any penalties, and the new regulations will not affect other passengers.

In response to the chaos that ensued on Tuesday night, Texas Governor Greg Abbott took responsibility for arranging a flight for approximately 180 migrants from El Paso to Kennedy Airport. However, due to unforeseen weather conditions, the flight was diverted to Philadelphia.


According to a spokesperson for Governor Abbott, a plane carrying more than 180 migrants had to be re-rerouted to NYC due to weather conditions and ground stoppage. As a result, the migrants were transported by bus for the remainder of the journey.

The migrants reached Philadelphia and were transported by bus to the Port Authority at approximately 12:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

City officials suspect that Abbott is using this as a new tactic in his ongoing efforts to relocate asylum seekers to large urban areas.

According to a spokesperson for Adams, last night, Texas made another cruel move by treating human beings as political pawns. They attempted to send an unannounced and uncoordinated plane carrying migrants to New York City. However, due to extreme weather conditions, the plane was diverted to Philadelphia. The passengers were then transported to New York City via bus.

According to the spokesperson, the Arrival Center witnessed the arrival of a record-breaking number of 14 rogue buses from the State of Texas in a single night last week.

Adults, including couples, formed a separate line outside the Port Authority, patiently awaiting their turn to be transported to a different location. Meanwhile, other adults strolled towards Eighth Avenue, heading towards their destinations.

Other cities have also experienced unexpected and unplanned arrivals, not just New York City.

Last week, Abbott’s office made an important announcement.

More than 120 migrants were flown to Chicago.

During a virtual press event on Wednesday afternoon, the crisis was addressed by the mayors of Chicago and Denver, alongside Adams.

According to Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, buses are not only arriving in the city of Chicago but also in surrounding communities. Some neighborhoods, located as far as an hour and a half outside the city, are also being reached by these buses. These buses, sent by the governor of Texas, are dropping families off in remote areas with limited resources.

New York City is facing the challenge of accommodating a constant influx of migrants, putting a strain on its resources.

The city reports a staggering influx of nearly 16,000 new asylum seekers every month. Just last week, over 4,000 asylum seekers made their way to the city, according to officials.

During a news conference on Tuesday, Adams reiterated the city’s need for additional assistance.

In the midst of these ongoing crises, we find ourselves grappling with a high level of uncertainty. The intention of Governor Abbott to inundate our city with thousands of migrant and asylum seekers has only added to the instability. As the mayor, it falls upon me to steer our city through these challenges. Despite the lack of support from Washington, D.C., it is my duty and responsibility to find solutions. Moreover, we require additional assistance from our partners in Albany as they embark upon this legislative session.

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