Michigan Sees Increase In Traffic As New Gun Laws Take Effect

Aiexpress – Gun enthusiast Mike Hankinson proudly shared with FOX 17 that the Parker shotgun he owns is regarded as the finest American-made double barrel ever produced. He emphasized that it is a 12-gauge weapon, showcasing its power and versatility.

Hankinson has been passionate about guns for most of his life. However, there are some firearms in his collection that no longer serve his needs.

“We hosted shooting exhibitions at Comstock Park High School’s gymnasium, featuring a few talented girls from the Grand Rapids Rifle Team,” he revealed. “These days, I find less pleasure in shooting a 12 gauge due to the strain it puts on my shoulders.”

Hankinson is eagerly anticipating the upcoming Holland’s Original Gun and Knife Show next weekend.

He added, “I hope to exchange that one for a lighter gauge and lower power shells.”


Hankinson must bring more than just the stock he plans to sell this year.

Traffic increases in Michigan as new gun laws take effect.

The roads of Michigan are witnessing a surge in traffic as the state implements new gun laws. With the recent changes, residents are eager to exercise their Second Amendment rights and obtain permits to carry firearms. The increased interest in gun ownership has led to a significant rise in the number of individuals applying for permits, resulting in an uptick in traffic at local permitting offices.

Hankinson requested a single permit for a handgun and two permits for the new long gun.

Connor Smith, the records manager for the Grand Rapids Police Department, has noticed a significant increase in permit traffic over the past few days.

Smith explained that the recent change in gun laws, which took effect on Tuesday, has essentially broadened the scope of universal background checks to include all firearms.

Michiganders who do not possess a Concealed Pistol License (CPL) are required to visit their local law enforcement agency to apply for a purchase permit for a range of firearms, including handguns, rifles, and shotguns.

According to Smith, individuals who wish to purchase or transfer ownership of a long gun must obtain a license. He mentioned that the majority of licenses sought after are for pistols. Smith further emphasized the importance of contacting the records unit to schedule an appointment for obtaining a license.

Richard Sebree, an independent gun salesman and owner of D. Crockett’s Corner located in Ottawa County, expresses his frustration with the new laws.

“He expressed his concerns regarding the additional work involved. The customer who doesn’t have a CPL might end up losing a sale due to the extra effort required. They might question the need for such extensive tasks.”

Hankinson, however, expresses contentment in navigating through these new challenges.

“It’s the law,” he exclaimed, expressing his hope to receive his two permits in the mail by the 24th or even better, by the 23rd. His anticipation was fueled by the desire to attend the upcoming gun show on the 24th.”

To obtain your permit, you will need to bring along a few essential documents. These include a state-issued identification, proof of your current address, and the necessary funds. It’s important to note that firearm permit prices may differ depending on the law enforcement agency you approach.

Holland Civic Center Place is hosting the highly anticipated Holland’s Original Gun and Knife Show on Saturday, February 24th from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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