Migrants continue to be transported to New Jersey and sent on trains to New York

According to NY1, buses from Texas are finding ways to bypass the new restrictions on transporting migrants to New York by dropping them off in border towns in New Jersey.

Bypassing Mayor Adam’s Executive Order

According to the New York Post, Mayor Adams recently issued an Executive Order that mandates migrant bus drivers to provide city officials with a 32-hour notice. Additionally, the Executive Order imposes strict limitations on arrival times, allowing them only between 8:30 a.m. and noon on weekdays, and at a single designated location.

The Post also pointed out that bus operators are finding ways to circumvent the new regulations. They are now dropping off migrants at transit stations in various parts of New Jersey, who then continue their journey to New York by train.

Why this restriction was put in place

Mayor Adams implemented these restrictions because, as stated by Lisa Zornberg, the Chief Counsel of New York City Hall, it was necessary to do so (NJ.com).

“We have ghost buses. Buses arriving en masse, any time of day, any time of night, on weekends when we are least able as a city to staff and meet the urgent needs of people coming off the buses.”

Mayor Adams has issued a warning to bus companies that do not adhere to the new arrival rules. As reported by Spectrum News NY1, failure to comply could result in a class B misdemeanor, leading to fines and potential impounding of their buses.


Sending Migrants to New York on Public Transportation

Texas bus drivers have been defying the new restrictions by transporting migrants to New Jersey train stations in Secaucus, Fanwood, Trenton, and other towns along the New York state border. Instead of completing the entire journey themselves, the drivers are allowing the migrants to continue their travel using public transportation. This information was reported by NorthJersey.com.

New Jersey officials are understandably displeased.

New Jersey Implements Restrictions to Combat the Issue

New Jersey Governor Murphy has taken action to tackle the issue. He is pursuing measures that resemble the restrictions implemented by Mayor Adams, despite the fact that they are presently being disregarded.

According to a report from NorthJersey.com, Governor Murphy has sent letters to 23 bus companies, asking for a 32-hour notice of arrival. Additionally, he has requested information regarding the number of single adults traveling alone and the number of families with children, in order to make proper arrangements for their arrival.

Bus companies have not yet shown any evidence of complying with his request.

Meanwhile, according to a report by Fox News, Mayor Sam Joshi of Edison, New Jersey, has taken the proactive step of keeping a charter bus on standby. This bus is intended to be used to send migrants back to Texas in the event that they arrive in his town. Mayor Joshi’s initiative demonstrates his commitment to addressing the issue of migration and ensuring that his community remains safe and secure.

No resolution is in sight

Texas charter bus companies have not shown any evidence of complying with Governor Murphy’s request for advance notice of arrival.

Migrants are still arriving in busloads without any prior notice, with the intention of continuing their journey to New York.

It is still uncertain how this issue will be resolved.

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