Montana Shelters Receive $130,000 Donation From Town Pump Charitable Foundation

Aiexpress  –  The Town Pump Charitable Foundation has announced that it will be providing generous grants of $10,000 to thirteen homeless shelters and warming centers throughout Montana.

Bill McGladddery of Town Pump emphasizes that the foundation’s primary objective is to address the fundamental needs of Montana residents. He underscores the significance of providing a warm shelter and nourishing meals, especially during harsh weather conditions.

According to McGladdery, the donations will provide much-needed relief for Montana’s homeless population during the recent cold snap. Additionally, the grants will assist shelters in covering any additional expenses they may incur this winter.

According to McGladdery, this collaboration with the Livingston Warming Shelter marks a new venture for the foundation. He made sure to reach out to numerous shelters on January 18th to discuss the upcoming announcement.

Shelter operators have expressed their gratitude for the abundance of donations received this winter, including food, clothing, and blankets. However, they emphasized the significant impact of the cash grant provided by Town Pump. This generous contribution will greatly assist in procuring additional food supplies, as well as covering expenses such as utilities and payroll.


McGladdery emphasized the importance of these grants in bridging critical gaps during the long winter ahead.

“We are hopeful that these organizations will be granted the opportunity to continue providing their exceptional services, ensuring uninterrupted support for individuals experiencing homelessness in Montana during the remaining cold months.”

The following organizations have each received a grant of $10,000:

    • Butte Rescue Mission
    • Kalispell Warming Shelter
    • Samaritan House – Kalispell
    • Poverello Center – Missoula
    • Hope Rescue Mission – Missoula
    • Johnson Street Warming Shelter – Missoula
    • God’s Love Shelter – Helena
    • Bozeman Warming Shelter
    • Livingston Warming Shelter
    • Tongue River Emergency Shelter – Forsyth
    • City of Hamilton
    • Great Falls Rescue Mission
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