Mysterious Disappearance: A 200-Foot Radio Tower Vanishes Without a Trace in Alabama

Disclosure: This article is based on information from credible sources and is used with permission.

In Alabama, you can enjoy listening to various radio stations that play music from different genres while driving through the state.

On Friday, Feb. 2, 2024, someone at the radio station noticed that thieves had stolen the tower, transmitter, and processors. This incident was reported by the Yellowhammer News. Now, the authorities and YHN Network affiliate WJLX are seeking help from anyone who may have information about the stolen 200-foot AM radio tower.

According to Brett Elmore, the general manager, replacing the tower would be quite expensive for the business, as reported by Yellowhammer News.

RSP Supply, a distributor authorized to sell communication towers, is currently offering their most affordable 200-foot tower for a price of $15,412.28.


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