Mystery Of KC Men Found Dead In Backyard After Chiefs Game Hinges On One Key Detail

Aiexpress – Police are currently conducting an investigation into the deaths of three Kansas City Chiefs fans who were discovered deceased outside a residence in Missouri. Both family members and investigators eagerly anticipate the results of toxicology tests, as they may provide valuable information regarding the cause of death for the victims.

Three friends, David Harrington (37), Ricky Johnson (38), and Clayton McGeeney (36), tragically lost their lives on January 9. They had gathered at a friend’s house to watch a game between the Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers. The shocking discovery was made two days later.

The man’s fiancée finally showed up after two days of waiting. She banged on the door of the house, looking for the men. One of the men’s bodies was on the back porch when she broke into the house when no one was there. Later, police discovered the other two men dead in the backyard.

The homeowner, whose identity has not been revealed, asserts that the three men died as a result of freezing temperatures. No charges have been pressed against the homeowner, and it is said that he has been assisting the authorities with their investigation.

“Jennifer Coffindaffer, a former FBI agent, expressed frustration over the lack of answers surrounding the deaths of three men discovered in the backyard of a home following a Kansas City Chief watch party. Despite ongoing investigations, no information has been provided thus far,” she tweeted on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.


The Kansas City Police Department has stated that they are unable to progress with the investigation until a medical examiner establishes the cause of death. This crucial information relies on the findings from the two medical reports. As per News Nation’s report, these reports are expected to provide valuable guidance to law enforcement for the subsequent phase of the investigation.

According to USA Today, law enforcement officials have stated that there were no apparent signs of foul play observed at or near the crime scene.

According to USA Today, Sgt. Jake Becchina has stated that the ongoing investigation of this case does not involve any suspicion of homicide.

Everyone involved is eagerly awaiting the toxicology report, which has the potential to provide valuable insights into the events that transpired. This eagerly anticipated report holds significance for the victims’ families, as well as investigators and experts, as it may reveal crucial information about the incident.

Close relatives and friends of the victims have voiced skepticism regarding the possibility that the men perished solely due to freezing temperatures.

Jonathan Price, the brother of Johnson, expressed his skepticism about the speculation surrounding his brother’s death. He emphasized that Johnson was an intelligent individual and believed that freezing to death was not a plausible cause of his demise.

According to Price, his brother had a close relationship with the other two victims, but it is still uncertain how they became associated with the homeowner.

“I’m absolutely livid. Everyone is seething with anger,” expressed Jennifer Marquez, the mother of Harrington, to NewsNation. “This story is utterly unbelievable. Not a single friend, family member, or acquaintance of his buys into it. We all find it incredibly hard to believe.”

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