Neil Cavuto Exposes Desantis’ Iowa Spin: ‘you Didn’t Win A Single County’

Aiexpress – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis appeared on Friday’s Your World on Fox News, where he fielded recurring inquiries about his potential presidential campaign.

DeSantis came in second place in the Iowa caucuses last week, trailing behind former President Donald Trump by a significant 30 points. Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley finished third and is anticipated to surpass DeSantis in the upcoming New Hampshire primary, which appears to be more fiercely contested than Iowa, as indicated by polls.

Host Neil Cavuto empathized with Governor DeSantis, acknowledging the challenging times he is facing in the polls. He read out a string of harsh headlines about DeSantis’ campaign, highlighting the difficult situation. Cavuto then mentioned Senator Marco Rubio’s endorsement of Donald Trump, noting that it must have been painful for DeSantis to hear.

DeSantis shrugged off the comment and swiftly shifted the conversation towards his accomplishments in Iowa.

He went on to say:


DESANTIS: So, some of this stuff is those folks have been writing that stuff for years and years. That’s just the nature of it. I can tell you this, though. If you look at Iowa. You know, we did it right. I mean, we got the endorsement of the governor. We won the debates – the Miami debate, the Newsom debate , the NewsNation debate, the CNN debate. We did televised town halls, you know, got great response. CAVUTO: But you didn’t win a single county. Right? I mean… you visited them all, to your credit, but you didn’t win a single one. DESANTIS: But I also had– I mean, how many people would’ve been able to handle $50 million in ads? How many people would’ve been able to handle all the headwinds we had? We had an uphill battle. We dug in and we executed and we did run hard. We did do well. And what we got is traditionally what is considered good in a caucus.

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