New child support law proves beneficial, according to local DUI victim.

During the arctic blast of 2021, which claimed the lives of 250 people and left numerous Texans without power for several days, the Salvation Army stood out as one of the rare locations in Central Texas that still had electricity.

Every night, they offered a safe place to sleep and provided hot meals to numerous individuals. Their emergency shelter and church were also accessible to anyone requiring assistance.

Major Jim Taylor, the commanding officer, vividly recalls his presence at their church.

Taylor emphasized that she was present around the clock.

During the nighttime, I stayed at the church, ensuring a place to sleep and preparing meals. Since it was difficult to transport food, we relied on the limited supplies available at the church. I took it upon myself to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner for all the individuals staying there.


They are prepared to go through it all over again if another arctic blast comes through the state.

Taylor mentioned that it is intriguing that the majority of their staff from three years ago is still part of the team. This continuity has allowed them to establish a routine from their previous event, which they can easily replicate if necessary.

“We always make sure to have plenty of food stocked in our cooler and freezer, enough to last us for several days, or even an entire week. In case we ever find ourselves in a situation where we need to rely on it again, we can count on the Salvation Army to provide the necessary support.”

Gov. Greg Abbott recently unveiled a new energy expansion initiative intended to equip the state for weather emergencies.

Bentley’s Law mandates that individuals who are convicted of DUI and cause the death of a parent must provide financial support to the minor children.

We had a conversation with a teenager who is in favor of the new law.

My father was always the dad who was in the stands.

Kenzie Sullivan’s life was forever changed when a reckless drunk driver collided with her father.

“I was completely shocked when I arrived home and found officers waiting for me there.”

Kenzie was only 19 years old when that incident occurred. However, one can only imagine how much more challenging it would have been if she were still in grade school.

Before I turned 18, I witnessed numerous crucial moments that my dad played a significant role in. The thought of my mom having to provide for me during those times would have undoubtedly placed an immense burden on her.

Last September, 25 News reported on a new law that states drunk drivers who cause the death of parents with minor children must pay child support for all the minor children.

According to Kevin Vice, a local attorney, the primary objective is to provide financial assistance to children who are growing up without one of their parents.

Vice takes on the task of answering questions about the new law, such as whether all siblings are entitled to support.

Parents are obligated to cover the expenses for all of their children.

What happens if the offender goes to jail and doesn’t have any money to pay?

“How can we obtain child support when the perpetrator is unable to provide financial assistance due to incarceration?”

According to him, the majority of offenders receive a probation period of five years, allowing them to maintain employment.

According to Vice, an aggravated manslaughter charge could result in a prison sentence of a couple of years. However, the fines associated with the offense do not have to be paid until one year after the offender is released from jail.

According to him, the law is a step in the right direction, although there is still room for improvement.

Making sure that parents who become disabled in a DUI accident are still able to provide child support, including the payment of the child’s health insurance, is crucial.

Vice expressed enthusiasm for the intention of the law, stating that it is fantastic. They also mentioned that some states have already made progress in this area, while others are following suit. Vice believes that this evolution will continue to expand, ultimately leading to improved protection for children.

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