New DEA leader in New Mexico shares strategy to address fentanyl crisis

ai express – Fentanyl has wreaked havoc in New Mexico, fueling crime, homelessness, and fatalities. However, as we face this ongoing crisis, there is a new leader on the frontlines of combating the drug issue at our state’s border.

“This is our expertise, and we excel at it,” declared Towanda Thorne-James, the recently appointed special agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) El Paso Division, which also covers New Mexico. Thorne-James unveiled her strategies for addressing the fentanyl crisis during a press conference held on Thursday.”

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Thorne-James emphasized that their primary objective is to combat the cartels responsible for the surge in drug trafficking. The ultimate goal is to dismantle these cartels and protect lives.

Thorne-James, who hails from the East Coast, brings a wealth of experience to the table, having worked for the DEA since 1998. Throughout her career, she has witnessed a shift in the tactics employed by drug smugglers, particularly in their use of social media and various apps. “They have adapted to the times, making social media and apps their go-to platforms,” Thorne-James observed.


One of the current challenges her agency is facing on the manufacturing side is the global nature of the drug trade. She explains that the chemicals necessary for producing fentanyl are transported from China, then brought into Mexico, and finally smuggled across the border. She mentions that the DEA is actively collaborating with China to tackle this issue, although she does not provide specific details.

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In regards to China’s involvement, Thorne-James acknowledged that there is room for improvement, stating that “China could definitely increase their efforts.” Having assumed her position in September, she recently arrived in El Paso just last month.

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