New York City Man Has Been Arrested After His Parents Were Discovered Stabbed To Death At Their Home

Aiexpress – According to a local report, a guy from New York City was arrested after his parents’ bodies were found in their home on Saturday night.

Neighbors told ABC 7 New York that their 46-year-old son, who was not named, recently came home, where his parents were reportedly helping him with mental health problems.

Jacob and Rachel Sperber were named as the parents. They were both 75 years old. From what the news station says, they were found dead in their home after someone called for help just after 5 p.m.

ABC 7 reported that shocked neighbors called the couple “very special” and said their son was reportedly locked in the apartment when police came.

The probe is still going on.


The suspect is being held, but it’s not clear what charges they are facing.

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