New York City Police Praise Subway Cameras For Leading To The Arrest Of 3 In A Fatal Shooting

Aiexpress   –  On Monday, the New York Police apprehended three individuals in connection with the shooting death of a Bronx father aboard a moving subway train last Friday.

Authorities wearing tactical gear apprehended Betty Cotto, 38, Justin Herde, 24, and Alfredo Trinidad, 42, individually at a Bronx apartment complex. They were arrested in connection with the killing of Alfredo William Alvarez, who was shot on the train early Friday morning.

According to the police, the three were on the same train as Alvarez, bound for Manhattan. A dispute began between Alvarez and one of the suspects, according to police, and evolved into a brawl in which all three suspects allegedly attacked Alvarez.

Alvarez died at St. Barnabas Hospital from a puncture wound to the chest.

NYC Transit Chief Michael Kemper stated that subway cameras played a significant role in the arrest. He stated that cameras showed the suspects departing the train at the 182nd–193rd Streets station.


According to Kemper, murder is rare on the train, with the majority of crimes involving property theft.

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