New York governor steps in to adjust timing of Steelers-Bills Wildcard game

The Pittsburgh Steelers have arrived in Buffalo, according to the latest update. But Governor Kathy Hochul of New York made one thing clear before they took off: Despite ongoing restrictions, the show must go on.

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Come Hell or Highwater

Shortly after the governor’s announcement, Pittsburgh’s flights took off and landed, providing reassurance to the public that although the conditions remained challenging, the risk of severe harm had been reduced.

Despite the ongoing challenges, the Bills were unable to reach their facility due to the closed roads in and around Buffalo. However, the grounds crew in Buffalo is confident that the playing surface will meet the NFL standards.


We will observe the outcome of the next 24 hours and see how things unfold. While it may not be as severe as the game on Sunday, the cold weather and moderate wind could still intensify the game, making it more physical than Buffalo desires. This could potentially give the Steelers the advantage.

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