No charges for police officers who mistakenly shot man at wrong address in New Mexico

ai express – The New Mexico Department of Justice has announced that no charges will be filed against three police officers who mistakenly entered the wrong house while responding to a domestic violence call and tragically ended up shooting and killing the homeowner.

In a letter addressed to San Juan County District Attorney Rick Tedrow, Greer Staley, the deputy attorney general for criminal affairs in New Mexico, stated that the investigation and review concluded that the three officers from the Farmington Police Department acted appropriately during the April shooting, despite mistakenly approaching the wrong house. Staley emphasized that the officers did not employ excessive force and therefore should not be held criminally accountable.

The increase in killings by police in the United States has reached its highest point in 2023. Experts have been analyzing the factors contributing to this alarming trend.

Report: Actions did not ‘foreseeably create an unnecessary dangerous situation’

In his letter to Tedrow, Staley stated that the department arrived at its conclusion by thoroughly examining all the available evidence, which included police reports, witness statements, videos, and photographs. The review findings were additionally informed by a report from Seth Stoughton, a former police officer and tenured law professor at the University of South Carolina’s Joseph F. Rice School of Law.

According to Stoughton’s report, he concluded that the three Farmington officers did not use excessive force in their shooting of Robert Dotson or when they returned fire at Kimberly Dotson. Despite approaching the wrong home, the officers’ actions were not deemed to have foreseeably created an unnecessary dangerous situation.


According to Staley’s letter, Stoughton’s report determined that after opening the door, Robert Dotson raised his weapon in a firing position, posing an immediate threat of death or serious bodily harm to the officers. As a result, all three officers fired their weapons, acting in accordance with accepted police practices.

In his letter, Staley clarifies that the Justice Department review in New Mexico focuses solely on potential criminal liability. It does not, however, address any potential disciplinary or civil liability concerns.

Dotson family attorney criticizes the decision

Attorneys representing Robert Dotson’s family have taken legal action by filing a federal lawsuit against the city of Farmington and the three officers involved. The lawsuit, aimed at obtaining unspecified damages, argues that the shooting of Robert Dotson was both unjustified and unintentional. Furthermore, it asserts that the actions taken by the three officers were excessive and unreasonable.

In a statement sent by Mark Curnutt, one of the attorneys representing the Dotson family, to The Farmington Daily Times, the Dotson family expressed their criticism of the state Justice Department’s decision. They specifically took issue with the report’s conclusion that Robert Dotson lifted his gun and pointed it at officers after answering the door.

The grieving family will now have to come to terms with the fact that they are living in a town and state that believes the actions of Officers Wasson, Estrada, and Goodluck were justified in taking the life of Robert Dotson,” the statement expressed. “A representative from the Office of the Attorney General has clarified that her office agrees with Professor Stoughton’s assessment that Robert Dotson, a law-abiding citizen, posed such a threat by opening his own front door with his legally owned firearm, that it was deemed reasonable for three officers to discharge over twenty rounds at him, even though he had not fired a single shot nor pointed his firearm at any of the officers.”

The report heavily relies on the initial investigation conducted by the New Mexico State Police, which raises concerns about the validity of the information provided to the attorney general. It is worth noting that the state police referred to Robert and Kimberly Dotson as “suspects,” indicating potential doubts surrounding their involvement.

According to the statement, the New Mexico Justice Department was accused of relying solely on the information provided by the state police instead of conducting its own independent investigation. The state DOJ officials did not reach out to the family or the officers involved before making their determination.

The family expressed their disappointment with the limited scope of the AG’s investigation, which only involved document review. According to their statement, they find it puzzling that the investigation did not delve deeper into the bias highlighted in the NMSP report. Despite their devastation, the family admits that they were not entirely surprised by this outcome.

Police chief said he agrees with findings

Steve Hebbe, the chief of the Farmington Police Department, expressed his gratitude towards the New Mexico DOJ for conducting a comprehensive review of the shooting. Hebbe affirmed his agreement with the findings of the investigation. However, he acknowledged that these findings offer no solace to Robert Dotson’s family and may even intensify their pain, a fact that he deeply regrets.

He expressed that it was another challenging day for them.

Hebbe mentioned that he had a conversation with one of the officers on Wednesday morning and planned to contact the other two later in the day. He shared that the officer he spoke with, whom he chose not to disclose the name of, expressed a sense of relief upon learning about the state Justice Department’s findings.

According to Hebbe, the officer and his family have witnessed the repercussions of officer-involved shootings in other communities across the country. Therefore, they view the conclusion of the criminal portion of the investigation as a positive outcome.

New Mexico Authorities Will Not Press Charges Against Police Officers Involved in Fatal Shooting at Wrong Address

In a recent development, it has been reported that the New Mexico authorities have decided not to press charges against the police officers who were involved in a fatal shooting at the wrong address. This incident has raised serious concerns and questions about police accountability and the use of deadly force.

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The shooting took place when the officers were responding to a call about a domestic dispute. However, due to a mix-up in addresses, they ended up at the wrong location. Tragically, a man was shot and killed during the encounter.

According to the authorities, the officers believed that they were entering a dangerous situation and acted in self-defense. They claim that the man pointed a weapon at them, which led to the use of deadly force. However, there are conflicting accounts of what actually happened, and witnesses have provided differing statements.

The decision not to press charges has sparked outrage and protests from the community, who are demanding justice for the victim and accountability for the officers involved. Many argue that this incident highlights the need for better training and protocols to prevent such tragic mistakes from occurring in the future.

This case also brings to light the larger issue of police accountability and the use of force by law enforcement. It raises questions about when and how officers should be held responsible for their actions, especially in situations where lethal force is used.

The New Mexico authorities’ decision not to press charges against the officers involved in the fatal shooting at the wrong address has left many feeling frustrated and disillusioned. It is a stark reminder of the ongoing challenges in holding law enforcement accountable and addressing systemic issues within the criminal justice system.

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