NWS Issues Special Weather Statement

    • Effective: 2024-05-02 06:46:00 EDT
    • Expires: 2024-05-02 10:00:00 EDT
    • Urgency: Expected
    • Severity: Moderate
    • Certainty: Observed
    • Target Area: New Castle; Kent; Morris; Hunterdon; Somerset; Middlesex; Western Monmouth; Eastern Monmouth; Mercer; Salem; Gloucester; Camden; Northwestern Burlington; Ocean; Cumberland; Atlantic; Cape May; Atlantic Coastal Cape May; Coastal Atlantic; Coastal Ocean; Southeastern Burlington; Delaware; Philadelphia; Western Chester; Eastern Chester; Western Montgomery; Eastern Montgomery; Upper Bucks; Lower Bucks

The area is currently experiencing foggy weather conditions today, resulting in reduced visibility ranging from 1 to 3 miles. There are also patches of dense fog where visibility drops to less than half a mile. As a precaution, drivers are advised to exercise caution on the roads. It is recommended to switch on headlights, avoiding high beams, and maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front to be prepared for sudden stops.

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