NYC Experience Another Snowfall Of Up To 5 Inches As Temperatures Remain Frigid During The Weekend

Aiexpress – It’s often referred to as the snowball effect.

New York City, which recently ended its 700-day streak without snow, may experience another 5 inches of snow this weekend. A storm moving in the northeast direction is bringing with it some of the coldest temperatures the city has seen in almost a year.

According to Fox meteorologist Nikki Nolan, The Post was informed on Thursday that the forecast is indicating a potential accumulation of up to 5 inches of snow.

Snowfall is anticipated to commence on Friday morning and persist until Saturday afternoon.

On Thursday, as temperatures dropped below freezing, the impending storm quickly approached, bringing with it a mix of snow and freezing rain. This wintry mix has the potential to disrupt both the morning and evening commutes on Friday.


According to Nolan, the snow is expected to persist until Saturday afternoon before temperatures begin to rise again towards the end of the weekend.

Areas outside of New York City can anticipate comparable weather conditions, with temperatures ranging from the 20s to low 30s. However, there may be less chance of snowfall in these regions.

According to meteorologist Nolan, the upcoming storm is projected to bring varying amounts of snowfall to different areas. Connecticut is expected to receive about 1 to 3 inches of snow, while parts of northern New Jersey and Long Island may see heavier snowfall ranging from 3 to 5 inches.

Nolan emphasized that if one is heading upstate, they should expect even less snow, especially if they are near the Great Lakes. He pointed out that the storm will primarily result in lake effect snow.

Mayor Eric Adams issued a warning to the residents of New York on Friday, urging them to be ready for slippery roads. He mentioned that he had a conversation with Governor Kathy Hochul on Wednesday night regarding the situation in Buffalo, emphasizing that both cities were adequately prepared.

“The Mayor urged New Yorkers to ensure that their properties meet the necessary requirements, as the Department of Sanitation prepares to deploy a complete fleet of salt spreaders. Additionally, the police department is requesting cooperation from residents in this regard.”

In addition, he cautioned the citizens of Gotham to exercise caution during their daily commutes.

Parts of New Jersey were issued a winter weather advisory starting Friday morning.

According to Nolan, the recent cold temperatures in our area are playing a crucial role in intensifying the snowfall.

The upcoming storm system will not only bring heavy precipitation but also usher in the coldest air the region has experienced in almost a year. Saturday is anticipated to be the most bone-chilling day, with wind chills driving temperatures down to the single digits.

Next week, New York City will experience a break from the chilly weather, as temperatures are anticipated to reach the 40s by Wednesday.

According to meteorologist Nolan, the temperatures will rise above freezing starting from Sunday. He further added that the weather will be sunny and mild in the coming days.

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