Officer Suspended And Taken Into Custody Following Video Shows Him Punching Driver

A Connecticut police officer was suspended for five days and arrested on assault charges after footage surfaced of him hitting a motorist during an off-duty confrontation in December.

On December 8, 2023, Meriden police Corporal Allen Ganter struck driver Thomas Brocuglio in the face through his driver’s side window. The two had argued over why Ganter wasn’t turning right at a red light.

Ganter is shown brandishing his badge and claiming that there is no right turn on red at the Rocky Hill intersection, despite the fact that there is no sign saying this.

“You can’t take a right on red here, you assh—e,” he says.

Brocuglio points out that the sign says “Stop here on red” rather than “No, turn on red.”


Ganter has threatened to write a ticket. Brocuglio, who had honked his horn at Ganter, accuses the officer of being distracted by his phone and demands his badge number immediately before the punch is thrown.

“You want to get arrested?” the cop is heard saying.

“You are going to get arrested for assaulting a civilian,” Brocuglio stated.

After both began driving away, the footage shows Brocuglio contacting 911 to report the assault.

“Hello, sure.” I was assaulted by a police officer,” he could be heard saying. “He punched me in the face through my window.”

Ganter was charged with third-degree assault and breach of the peace. According to court documents, he was placed in a probation program and is scheduled to return to court in January.

According to Meriden police, Ganter violated the department’s conduct standards and was suspended for five days without pay. He must also complete mandatory de-escalation training over the course of three years.

On Wednesday, the department did not respond to a phone call requesting further comment.

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