Officials: Police Officer Gunned Down And Car Taken As He Drove Home From Work

A Chicago police officer was fatally shot while heading home from his shift early Sunday, in a tragic incident that highlights the dangers officers face while working to combat crime. According to the Chicago police superintendent, the officer became a victim of the very type of crime he dedicated his life to fighting against.

During a news conference on Sunday morning, Chicago Police Department Superintendent Larry Snelling revealed that the officer, aged 30, was shot multiple times and had his car stolen.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson has announced that Officer Luis M. Huesca was tragically killed in an act of senseless gun violence within our city.

In a heartfelt statement on Sunday, Johnson expressed his sympathy and support to Officer Huesca’s mother and uncle. He acknowledged the devastating loss they are facing and assured them of his unwavering backing. The entire city mourns this tragic event, and Johnson extended his condolences to the entire family of Officer Huesca, as well as his fellow officers and the community.

Huesca worked in the police department’s 5th District as a member of the Priority Response Team, according to the mayor.


Huesca was pronounced dead at the University of Chicago Medical Center after being taken there, according to officials.

Detectives are currently investigating whether the officer was shot during a carjacking, according to Snelling.

“We are currently unable to confirm this, but our detectives are diligently investigating the matter. What we can confirm is that the officer’s vehicle was indeed stolen,” Snelling explained. “However, in order to fully understand the motive behind this incident, we require additional information, which our detective division is actively pursuing.”

The police did not announce any arrests.

The incident occurred at approximately 2:53 a.m. in the Gage Park neighborhood on West 56th Street near South Kedzie Avenue, as stated by the police. Upon receiving a gunshot detection alert, officers arrived at the scene and discovered the critically injured officer lying on the ground with multiple gunshot wounds.

According to Snell, the officer, who has been with the CPD for six years, was wearing his uniform with a jacket over it when he was shot.

According to Snelling, the officer was shot multiple times while he was heading home after his tour of duty.

The shooting took place in the 8th Police District on the Southwest Side of the city, according to CPD.

“He tirelessly dedicated himself to safeguarding communities and protecting individuals, but tragically, today, that officer became a victim of the very crime he fought against to ensure the safety of our city’s residents,” expressed Snelling. “Our city is plagued by an alarming rate of violent crimes, with individuals who exhibit audacity and cowardice as they perpetrate these acts of violence against law-abiding citizens striving to lead honorable lives. This vicious cycle must come to an end.”

According to Snelling, the officer leaves behind his mother and an uncle as his surviving family members.

“He was not only an exemplary officer but also a remarkable human being, and his family is currently going through a tremendous amount of grief. My heartfelt condolences go out to the family. Let us all keep them, especially his mother, in our thoughts and prayers,” expressed Snelling. “These acts of violence that claim the lives of our community members are utterly senseless. Today, we mourn the loss of one of our own officers.”

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