Officials respond, “Colorado Springs is not a sanctuary city,” following the arrival of the first group of migrants in the city

City and county leaders in Colorado Springs are determined to prevent the kind of unrest and chaos that has been witnessed in Denver and other major cities. They are closely monitoring the situation and taking proactive measures to maintain peace and order in their own community.

El Paso County commissioner for District 4, Longinos Gonzalez, emphasized the importance of not accepting the current situation. “We must continue to voice our disapproval,” he stated.

At a press conference, the commissioners firmly stated their stance against El Paso County becoming a sanctuary. Additionally, a city council member shared their perspective on the matter.

“Let me make it clear that Colorado Springs is not a sanctuary city,” emphasized Dave Donelson, the City Council District 1 member.

Colorado Springs Mayor Yemi Mobolade emphasizes the importance of prioritizing the well-being of residents. In a statement, he highlights the city’s commitment to caring for its residents, stating:


“As mayor, my primary responsibility is to serve and assist those in need while also being mindful and responsible with our taxpayer dollars. It is crucial that we allocate these limited resources to prioritize and benefit our own residents before extending our support elsewhere.”

El Paso County Commissioner Carrie Geitner emphasized that the decision not to allocate public funds for migrant support is a deliberate commitment to prioritize the needs of the local community.

Denver has experienced an influx of over 40,000 migrants in the past year. This migration trend is not unique to Denver, as other cities in the United States are also facing similar situations. It was reported that a bus carrying migrants arrived in Colorado Springs on Sunday, according to the commissioners.

According to 11 News, The Salvation Army is collaborating with the city to provide assistance to some of the migrants.

“We are dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the community and working together with the city, striving to be responsible caretakers and reliable allies. Our aim is to maintain our strong partnership in order to effectively address the requirements of our community and its members,” expressed Jeane Turner, the communications director for the Salvation Army.

Ryan Trujillo, the deputy chief of staff for the mayor, stated that they are currently monitoring the situation and making preparations in the event that local nonprofits become overwhelmed.

Trujillo clarified that there have been false reports suggesting that the nonprofit community has been instructed to turn away migrants. He emphasized that this is not true and stated that their intention is to collaborate with the nonprofit community to ensure they receive the necessary support and have the capacity to assist migrants.

Governor Polis has urged the federal government to take action in securing the southern U.S. border.

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