Oklahoma authorities apprehend fugitive from Stephens County, awaiting extradition to Texas

A fugitive from Stephens County, Texas, who was on the run, was arrested and booked into a jail in Oklahoma on Monday afternoon. The arrest was made after the authorities discovered that there were warrants issued for the individual in Texas.

In early January, Michael Jacob “Lucky” Aldridge became the center of attention in local news when a Stephens County constable was called to a Walmart parking lot to address a report of shoplifters. According to the Stephens County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO), Aldridge and a partner fled the scene, leading to a prolonged and perilous chase. While the accomplice was captured shortly after, Aldridge managed to evade capture for several weeks.

According to the SCSO, Aldridge had prior convictions and was wanted for Aggravated Assault Against a Public Servant and Evading Arrest Detention with a Vehicle.

According to a report by The Breckenridge Texan, the SCSO handed over the case to the US Marshals Service after their investigation yielded no results. It took the marshals approximately one week to locate and apprehend Aldridge, who is anticipated to be extradited to Stephens County in the near future. As of now, he has not been booked into the Stephens County Jail.

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