One Colorado city is cracking down on illegal gambling

You may have come across numerous establishments in Colorado that proudly call themselves “skilled gaming” arcades. However, these are not the traditional arcades where you can enjoy classic games like Pac-Man with your children. Instead, they operate in a gray area between legal and illegal gambling.

Recently, a city in Colorado has taken a strong stance against these establishments and is actively working to shut down any businesses found to be in violation of the law.

One Colorado City is Cracking Down on Illegal Gambling

Colorado Springs, often mocked for its perceived lack of excitement, is taking action against the proliferation of skilled gaming establishments within the city.

The Colorado Springs Police Department conducted an investigation and discovered that there were a total of 34 establishments in the city involved in illegal activities. Upon uncovering this, authorities promptly sent letters to these businesses, informing them of the illicit practices taking place and requesting their voluntary closure.

In early 2023, a total of 130 items were seized from four businesses after letters were sent out. This was followed by another seizure in November, where an additional 120 items were taken.


Many establishments in Colorado have faced crackdowns, including those in Colorado Springs. Despite these efforts, some businesses have managed to continue operating, and a few of the previously closed establishments have even reopened.

There is a lack of clarity regarding the activities taking place in these establishments and whether or not they are operating within legal boundaries. However, it is evident that certain authorities are no longer ignoring the situation.

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