Opinion: ADOC Has Strayed Too Far From Mission – Horrible Images Found on X

Once again, I find myself compelled to share information and images that offer just a glimpse of the appalling conditions human beings endure, all under the guise of justice. I’ve heard numerous stories about the cruel and unusual events within ADOC, witnessing pictures and videos evoking profound emotions. Yet, the images I stumbled upon today defy description. See for yourself.

These are crimes—committed and condoned against inmates in Alabama’s prison system. The apathy of the staff and the indifference of lawmakers can no longer be overlooked. The treatment these individuals endure is unlawful, and those allowing it to persist are criminals who must be held accountable.

These specific atrocities aren’t the result of inmate-on-inmate violence, though that’s not in short supply. No, all these inmates have suffered due to neglect from the so-called “dedicated professionals providing public safety through the safe and secure confinement, rehabilitation, and successful re-entry of offenders.”


According to ADOC’s website, that is their mission. Yet, it’s a lie, one that the inmates would likely unanimously dispute. The misinformation doesn’t stop there; ADOC claims their values are professionalism, integrity, and accountability. It’s hardly surprising that everything they profess is the opposite. Alabama has a notorious history of pushing you backward while insisting it’s a step forward.

Does this environment appear safe or secure?

ADOC is in desperate need of some majority accountability. Does that sound professional?

No one should be subjected to such a heartless and unapologetic treatment. Harsh and unforgiving punishment only leads to certain consequences:


Harsh and merciless punishment has the potential to foster resentment, as it can generate negative emotions and even provoke hostility.

Deterrence Failure

If individuals perceive that they have been treated unfairly, excessive punishment may not effectively deter future offenses.


In certain situations, people who experience harsh punishments may choose to rebel or resist authority, which can lead to additional complications.

Psychological Impact

Severe punitive measures can leave a lasting impact on a person’s mental well-being, potentially leading to increased stress, trauma, or even mental health problems.

Social Alienation

Merciless punishment can isolate individuals from society, making it difficult for them to rehabilitate and reintegrate back into the community.

Injustice Perception

When the punishment is seen as unfair or disproportionate, it has the potential to undermine people’s trust in the legal system and those in power.

Cycle of Violence

Extreme punishment can potentially contribute to a vicious cycle of violence, as it has the potential to ignite a desire for revenge or retaliation.

Stand up against injustice and demand that Alabama officials put an end to the wasteful expenditure of taxpayers’ dollars on a system that has proven to be a failure. It is imperative that Alabama’s prison system undergo a comprehensive overhaul, with a focus on restructuring and strictly enforcing procedures and policies.

It is high time for taxpayers, who serve as the main source of funding for this entire endeavor, to demand the fulfillment of the promises made to them. Considering the substantial revenue that prisons generate for the state, there is simply no justification for the appalling conditions that persist. It should not be a challenge to regain control over the daily occurrences of violence and fatalities.

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