Parents of accused Santa Fe mass shooter scheduled for trial

A civil lawsuit is scheduled for a May trial against the parents of the charged Santa Fe gunman in Santa Fe, Texas. The judge in Galveston County has also ordered both parties to engage in mediation before the trial commences on May 28.

The lawsuit was filed in the aftermath of a tragic incident at Santa Fe High School in 2018, where eight students and two teachers lost their lives in a mass shooting. Over the course of several years, the case has navigated the legal system and has successfully withstood various attempts to have it dismissed.

Rosie Yanas Stone, whose son, Chris, was tragically killed during a mass shooting, emphasized that while no amount of money can bring her son back, she is determined to use any resources available to help prevent future tragedies. She stated, “You can give me a billion dollars, it’s not going to bring my son back but I can help save somebody else’s son and daughter in the next school shooting, that’s all what our purpose is.”

Several relatives of the victims or those injured in the shooting spree are seeking to hold Dimitrios Pagourtzis’ parents responsible for their failure to prevent their son from obtaining the firearms used in the mass shooting and for not taking sufficient action to address his mental health concerns.

Clint McGuire, the attorney representing the families, emphasized that the essence of this case lies in acknowledging the mistakes that were made and taking responsibility for them. He stated, “Recognizing that mistakes were made that could have prevented this from occurring and accepting responsibility for this. That’s what this case is about.” McGuire further emphasized that the parents are seeking accountability as the ultimate resolution in this matter.


The criminal case against Pagourtzis is still in a state of uncertainty because he is currently deemed unfit to stand trial. For many families, pursuing a civil case is seen as a means of achieving justice for their loved ones. McGuire mentioned that the lack of progress in the criminal case has hindered the gathering of information for the civil case. He added that they are still actively seeking to depose Rose Marie Kosmetatos and Antonios Pagourtzis.

Survivors and family members of victims from the Santa Fe High School massacre have emerged victorious in a lawsuit against an online seller who supplied ammunition to the 17-year-old shooter.

Flo Rice, a survivor of the mass shooting, expressed her discontent with the legal system, stating, “We have not received any justice.”

Family members of the Santa Fe victims expressed renewed hope upon witnessing the accountability of the mother of the Oxford, Michigan school shooter for her son’s actions.

Jury Finds Michigan School Shooter’s Mother Guilty of Manslaughter

The jury has reached a verdict in the case against Jennifer Crumbley, the mother of the Michigan school shooter. She has been found guilty of manslaughter. The verdict comes after a lengthy trial that captivated the nation and shed light on the role parents play in preventing school shootings.

Crumbley’s son, Ethan, opened fire at Oxford High School, killing four students and injuring several others. The tragedy shocked the community and sparked a national conversation about gun control and school safety.

During the trial, prosecutors argued that Crumbley was negligent in her handling of her son’s mental health issues and access to firearms. They presented evidence that she had purchased the gun used in the shooting and had knowledge of her son’s disturbing behavior leading up to the attack.

Crumbley’s defense team maintained that she was unaware of the severity of her son’s mental health issues and could not have predicted his actions. They argued that she had reached out to school officials for help and had been let down by the system.

In the end, the jury sided with the prosecution and found Crumbley guilty of manslaughter. The verdict holds her accountable for her role in the tragedy and sends a strong message that parents must be vigilant in identifying and addressing mental health issues in their children.

The sentencing phase of the trial will now begin, where Crumbley could face significant prison time. Meanwhile, the community continues to heal from the devastating loss of life and grapple with the aftermath of the shooting.

This case serves as a reminder that preventing school shootings requires a comprehensive approach that involves not only law enforcement and school officials but also parents and the larger community. It highlights the need for improved mental health resources and support systems for both students and their families.

As the nation reflects on this case, it is our hope that we can come together to find solutions that will prevent future tragedies and create safer environments for our children.

Stone expressed his awe at the fact that four families in Oxford had achieved accountability, stating, “That’s an incredible accomplishment, something that has never been achieved before.”

During the hearing on Thursday, the judge was informed by Ron Rodgers, the attorney representing Pagourtzis’ parents, that he is withdrawing from the case.

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