Parole Denied to Deceased Individual by Alabama Board

ai express – Alabama’s parole board is known for its reluctance to grant parole, even when prisons are dangerously overcrowded and many inmates meet the board’s own criteria for release. Recently, the board made a shocking decision by voting against parole for Fredrick Bishop, a man who had already passed away. reported on this incident, highlighting the board’s stinginess with parole. Bishop, who had been sentenced to 20 years in prison for robbery, was found unconscious and died in the infirmary just 10 days before the parole hearing. His mother, Dorothy Jean Bishop, expressed her disbelief and frustration at the parole denial, stating, “I can’t believe that… but I believe it, because they don’t care.” The parole board later attributed the decision to a clerical error, admitting that they were unaware of Bishop’s recent passing at the time of the hearing.


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