Patchogue Man Confesses Selling Fentanyl And Cocaine During Pending Drug Case Sentencing

Aiexpress – Randheer Shewprashad, a 25-year-old resident of Patchogue, admitted his guilt to charges related to drugs and weapons in Suffolk County Court on Thursday, January 18th.

In May 2023, Shewprashad was initially apprehended by authorities for engaging in the sale of fentanyl and cocaine. This illicit activity took place on two separate occasions, one in March and the other in April 2023, where he sold these substances to undercover officers.

During the search of his Patchogue residence, the Suffolk County Police Department discovered cocaine, fentanyl, and two semi-automatic handguns.

Shewprashad admitted to possessing a controlled substance and a weapon in June 2023, resulting in his acceptance of a five-year prison sentence.

While Shewprashad was awaiting sentencing for those convictions, prosecutors stated that he was once again caught selling drugs to undercover officers.


The Suffolk County Police department and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) bought cocaine and fentanyl from him on three separate occasions between October and November 2023.

In November, he was arrested once again, during which the police discovered another semi-automatic firearm at his residence in Mastic. Furthermore, a search of his home in Patchogue revealed additional quantities of cocaine and fentanyl.

According to prosecutors, the officers also discovered him with xylazine, an animal tranquilizer that is increasingly found in overdose deaths. Legislation is currently being considered by state lawmakers to classify the drug as a controlled substance.

Shewprashad pleaded guilty to a felony charge of criminal sale of a controlled substance on Thursday, Jan. 18. As part of the plea agreement, he has been sentenced to five years in prison.

Suffolk County District Attorney Raymond Tierney emphasized the dangerous nature of the illicit drug world in this particular case. He pointed out that drug dealers openly carry weapons as a means to protect themselves, their profits, and their merchandise.

Both cases resulted in consecutive sentences, totaling 10 years in prison for Shewprashad. Additionally, he will be required to serve eight years of parole.

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