Petition signed by numerous professionals suggests Donald Trump exhibiting signs of dementia

A petition has been signed by numerous licensed medical and mental health professionals, calling for a formal diagnosis of dementia for Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

In the lead-up to the 2024 Presidential election, where Trump is anticipated to secure the Republican nomination, the ex-President actively participated in numerous political rallies. Nevertheless, during these rallies, the 77-year-old committed various verbal blunders, which are clearly evident in this video.

In one instance, Trump pronounced Venezuela as “Venezwheregullah.” This slip-up, along with several others, prompted one psychologist to say the verbal mistakes were “consistent with a diagnosis of dementia,” as reported by Raw Story.

John Gartner Ph.D. has launched a petition on titled “We diagnose Trump with dementia: A petition for licensed professionals only.” The petition specifically targets “licensed medical and mental health professionals” and urges them to sign it.

According to the petition crafted by John Gartner, licensed medical and mental health professionals have diagnosed Donald Trump with moderate to advanced dementia. This diagnosis is based on his public behavior as well as informant reports that indicate a progressive decline in various higher cortical functions. These include memory, thinking, language usage, orientation, learning capacity, judgment, and both gross and fine motor skills.


“We feel an ethical obligation to warn the public and urge the media to cover this national emergency,” the petition description continues.

The petition currently has 91 signatures and has gained support from Duty To Warn, an organization that identifies itself as “an association of mental health professionals warning NOW about TrumpISM.” They have encouraged medical and mental health professionals to join in signing the petition.

Last week, the group made an important announcement urging licensed medical or mental health professionals to sign a petition diagnosing Trump with dementia. They emphasized the need to circulate the petition as widely as possible.

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