Piers Morgan says he has heard ‘alarming things’ about Kate Middleton

Piers Morgan has commented on the Kate Middleton photo-editing conspiracy, stating he has heard “alarming things.”

Following Kensington Palace’s decision to post an edited family portrait on Mother’s Day, the Princess of Wales has dominated headlines.

Kate’s disappearance from the public eye after undergoing surgery in January sparked a social media frenzy of conjecture and outlandish conspiracy theories.

International news organizations pulled the photo due to concerns that it had been doctored, and the Palace did not react to requests for the original untouched shot, according to Phil Chetwynd, Agence-France Presse’s worldwide news director. Princess Kate later issued a public apology.

The outspoken journalist, 58, discussed the issue on his show Uncensored yesterday, saying Kate “could be fine and doing well” and that the Palace’s efforts to dispel conspiracy theories “got it wrong.” He then suggested, “The palace could be hiding something.”


Morgan stated on Uncenscored: “I’ve been told certain things that, if even half of it is accurate, it’s very disturbing what’s going on. I’m not sure what to believe, and neither are any of us; we’re not there.”

The broadcaster clarified that he couldn’t confirm whether what he’d been told was real.

According to Morgan, the drama risks making the Royal family laugh when American talk show personality John Oliver makes the shocking joke that Kate Middleton “could have died 18 months ago.”.

He also questioned why the Princess, who is recovering from stomach surgery, would spend time editing in Photoshop when they had staff to do it.

Earlier this week, in his New York Post column, he addressed the incident and expressed sorrow for the family while King Charles is undergoing cancer treatment.

However, he stated that the usual method of handling royal media is out of date.

In his column, he wrote: “The mantra of Britain’s greatest monarch, the late, great Queen Elizabeth II, was very simple: never complain, never explain, and seldom be heard speaking in public.”

However, the unsettling confusion over what type of cancer King Charles is suffering from and how serious his condition is, as well as the conspiracy theories surrounding Kate Middleton’s secret health crisis and disappearance from public life, have demonstrated how outmoded and ineffective the old palace method of handling the media has become.

He then stated that if it was discovered that the palace was purposefully misleading the public about her health, he would lose sympathy.

He wrote: “I feel very sorry for Kate that she’s had to go through whatever health issue she’s had, which has kept her away from public gaze, and duty, for so long. “But my sympathy will erode if it turns out that she and the palace have deliberately misled the media and public about when the photo was taken to convey a false impression about her condition.”

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