Police: 2 Boys With Gun Rob Taxi Driver, Demanding Money While Expressing Discontent About Not Attending School

Aiexpress – In a horrifying incident, a taxi driver dialed 911 in a state of terror yesterday morning. He had been robbed at gunpoint by two teenage boys right outside a housing project in Hempstead.

Two suspects, aged 14 and 18, were apprehended and charged less than half an hour later.

According to the Hempstead Village Police, a taxi arrived at 20 Gladys Avenue at around 10:55 a.m. on Thursday morning. The taxi driver was expecting to pick up two young males who were standing near Gladys Gardens Unit C.

The police reported that the teenagers hopped into the back seat together, making the taxi driver assume they were going for a ride. The driver politely inquired, “Are you heading to the high school?”

Things took a turn for the worse at that point.


The Felony Complaint filed in support of the charges against the teenage suspects documents the alarming exchange.

According to the police, there was another violent incident that occurred prior to the New York Taxi mugging. Just 10 minutes earlier, someone else called 911 to report that they were mugged in the vicinity.

At 10:45 a.m., a Latino man reported that he had just been robbed while walking down Albemarle Avenue, which is only a block away from Gladys Gardens. According to his account, two teenage boys were responsible for the incident.

The man’s cellphone, wallet, $70 cash, work permit, and other personal documents were snatched by the young thugs as he lay on the sidewalk, according to the police. Subsequently, they made a swift escape.

According to court filings, law enforcement officers were searching for suspects in the incident near Albemarle Avenue when they spotted two males who matched the description of the teenage boys running in the rear of Gladys Avenue. As the police observed, both suspects entered Apartment C in 40 Gladys Gardens.

The police entered the premises and apprehended the individuals.

Police say they found “an unloaded Glock 37 .45 caliber handgun” during a search of Apartment C. They emphasize that they obtained a warrant before conducting the search.

Daquawn Person entered a plea of “Not Guilty” for five violent felony charges, including armed robbery and gun possession, related to both incidents. He is currently being held at the Nassau Correctional Center in East Meadow. As for the 14-year-old boy, he will be detained in the County’s Juvenile Detention Center as a result of these serious violent felony charges.

The taxi driver is desperately appealing to the Hempstead Police to return his wallet and important documents, which are currently being held as evidence.

At this stage, it is important to remember that all suspects should be presumed innocent.

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