Police raid multiple illegal gambling Business in Colorado Springs during 2023

The Colorado Springs Police Department made a significant announcement on Tuesday, revealing that they had confiscated over 100 illegal gambling machines from various establishments in the city over the course of the past year.

The Metro Division of CSPD has been conducting an investigation for the past several months. During this time, they have executed multiple search and seizure warrants at various illegal gambling establishments throughout the city.

Earlier this year, the CSPD Metro Division received a report about 34 illegal gambling locations in Colorado Springs. In response, investigators launched an educational campaign to inform the business owners of the illegality of their operations. A letter was sent to these establishments, notifying them of the illegal nature of their activities. While most of the businesses complied and voluntarily shut down, a few continued their operations despite the warning.

In April and May, the CSPD acquired search warrants for four establishments that were reportedly engaged in illegal operations.

According to the news release, the police seized numerous pieces of electronic hardware, which were used to operate the illegal gambling machines, during their investigation. These items were collected from four different businesses involved in the illegal gambling operations, as part of the evidence gathered by the CSPD.


According to CSPD, they were informed in November that several businesses had recommenced their operations. In response, they obtained additional warrants and successfully confiscated over 120 illegal gambling machines.

According to a news release from CSPD, these establishments have a detrimental effect on the community, not just on the people who visit them. CSPD aims to tackle the increase in crime that often accompanies illegal gambling, including violent crimes and drug-related offenses. By stepping up the enforcement of gaming laws and shutting down illegal businesses, CSPD hopes to address the overall crime patterns occurring in these areas.

If you come across an illegal gambling establishment, you can report it by calling 719-444-7000.

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