Political Editor Fired By Fox News For Calling Arizona Early For Biden Lands New Gig

Aiexpress – The political editor who was fired from Fox News for correctly predicting the outcome of the 2020 Arizona vote in favor of Joe Biden has now launched his own program.

Journalist Chris Stirewalt, who sparked Donald Trump’s anger with his election call decision, is set to host “The Hill Sunday with Chris Stirewalt” on NewsNation starting March 3, according to a statement from the company.

“I take immense pride in being a member of NewsNation, where we truly embody the principles of fair, honest, and independent journalism,” Stirewalt expressed, seemingly alluding to his departure from Fox News following President Trump’s reaction to the accurate election call.

Chris Stirewalt, a former member of the NewsNation team since 2022, expressed his pride in being part of the esteemed Fox News election “decision desk” during his testimony before the House Committee investigating Jan. 6. He commended the decision desk, recognizing it as the finest in the industry.

In an interview with NPR, he acknowledged that despite the poll numbers his team had been observing, opinion hosts on Fox had been consistently promoting the unsupported belief that Trump would undoubtedly win the election.


According to Stirewalt, Fox News should have taken pride in the work they accomplished and acknowledged their achievements. He expressed disappointment in the network for not valuing and supporting the journalists they hired to perform their duties.

Stirewalt, in an interview with NPR, described the events of 2020 as abnormal, characterized by a furious and murderous rage. He noted that Trump’s reaction and Fox’s response to the situation were indicative of this intense and extreme atmosphere.

He was surprised by the intense hostility that Fox received from Trump, his campaign officials, and core voters due to that election night call.

During his testimony before the House Committee, Stirewalt shed light on the phenomenon known as the “Red mirage.” This term refers to the tendency for Republicans to initially take the lead in presidential tallies due to their preference for in-person voting. As the counting of mail-in votes, which are more commonly favored by Democrats, progresses, the Democratic candidates often gain ground and catch up.

According to former Attorney General Bill Barr, on election night, Trump wanted the vote count to be halted as soon as he took the lead, coinciding with the time when Democrats’ ballots were starting to alter the results. It was during this period that Trump made baseless allegations of fraud.

You can watch Stirewalt’s complete testimony before the House Committee on January 6th here.

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