Weather News: Rain has stopped, and the sun will return later today

The morning will see a clearing cold front, resulting in a damp and cloudy start. However, the sunshine is expected to make a comeback later today.

Most of the rain has already moved away into the Gulf, so we can expect just a lingering sprinkle for now. The clouds will gradually clear out by mid-morning, giving way to plenty of sunshine in the afternoon. Although we’ll have sunny skies, a cool northerly breeze will keep temperatures in the upper 50s today.

Sunday will see plenty of sunshine, resulting in a gradual increase in temperatures throughout the day. Starting in the low 40s at sunrise, the mercury is expected to rise to the mid 60s by the afternoon.

The weather forecast for Christmas Day in Texas suggests a mild and wet pattern. A Pacific storm system is expected to approach from the west, with indications that it could be slower and stronger than the one currently passing through over the weekend. As a result, the rainfall could be heavier and last longer. While the exact timing and rainfall amounts are still uncertain, the highest chances of rain are projected for Christmas Eve. As the holiday approaches, we will continue to refine the details. However, one thing we can say with confidence is that this year’s Christmas weather will not be a repeat of last year’s freeze. Last year, a strong arctic cold front caused freezing temperatures. Instead, this Christmas is expected to have temperatures ranging from the 50s at night to the 70s during the day.

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