Rapper Charged With Possession Of Machine Gun And Unregistered Firearm In Brooklyn

Aiexpress – Rapper Lil Zay Osama was charged with having an illegal machine gun on Wednesday in the Eastern District of New York in Brooklyn.

According to court records that The Messenger received, Lil Zay (born Isaiah Dukes) was charged with having a Glock model 22.40 caliber pistol with a switch attached. The EDNY said in a news release that the switch is “a device that, when attached to the back of a handgun like a Glock, converts the firearm into a fully automatic weapon.”

Officials decided that the Glock is a machine gun because it can “fire more than one round with a single function of the trigger,” as the news release says.

Authorities seized an unregistered firearm in Queens, New York on September 29, 2022, which resulted in the second count against Dukes.

“Dukes was arrested after leaving the firearm in a rideshare vehicle that brought him from a luxury hotel in Manhattan to a recording studio in Queens,” the EDNY added.


According to court documents, the government is seeking the forfeiture of the Glock handgun, along with its ten .40 caliber cartridges, if Dukes is convicted. Additionally, any other firearm or ammunition that violates Title 19 would also be subject to forfeiture.

The Department of Justice states that the 26-year-old musician may face a maximum of 20 years in prison. Currently, he is being held in custody in Illinois for an unrelated case and is expected to appear in a Brooklyn federal court for arraignment in the near future.

I have reached out to Dukes’ attorney for comment.

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