Regina King Opens Up About Her Son’s Tragic Death: ‘he No Longer Wanted To Be Part Of This World’

Regina King recently spoke about the tragic loss of her son, Ian Alexander Jr., during an interview on “Good Morning America.” It has been two years since his passing, and King courageously shared her thoughts and emotions surrounding this heartbreaking event.

In January 2022, King confirmed the heartbreaking news that her son had taken his own life. She expressed the immense devastation that her family felt, stating that they were profoundly affected by his passing (People).

In the years that followed, King chose to keep a low profile. Yet, in a heartfelt conversation with “GMA’s” Robin Roberts, she revealed her deep commitment to her latest project, “Shirley,” a film centered around the groundbreaking story of Shirley Chisholm, the first Black congresswoman. In this interview, King openly shared her thoughts on her son’s passing, offering a poignant reflection on his life.

“Depression is often associated with a specific image and weight,” remarked King, challenging common perceptions.

“It’s been incredibly difficult to go through this and not have the opportunity to simply sit with Ian’s decision, which I deeply respect and comprehend. It’s tough for others to grasp because they haven’t lived through what we have, they haven’t walked in Ian’s shoes.”


Ian’s mother expressed, “Ian was exhausted from conversing, Mom.” She added, “The aspect I cherish most about myself is being Ian’s mother. I cannot express this sentiment with a smile, tears, and all the emotions that accompany it if I didn’t value the journey.”

Ian, who is the son of King and her former husband Ian Alexander Sr., often accompanies his mother to red-carpet events. During an interview with E! News at the 2019 Golden Globes, Ian lovingly referred to King as a “super mom.”

King informed Roberts that these events now “trigger” memories of her son. These memories often evoke positive emotions, but there are times when the absence of Ian becomes overwhelmingly noticeable. Nowadays, she finds herself contemplating what actions she could have taken to prevent his untimely demise.

“I understand that I am not alone in experiencing this grief, but I am the only one who can claim the title of Ian’s mother. This grief is uniquely mine,” she expressed. “The sadness will forever remain present; it will be a constant reminder of how deeply Ian is cherished in my heart.”

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